Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Next Day

Today I was planning to head to work, at least in the afternoon, but after sending a couple emails stating as much, I was promptly told that I should stay home. See, the president of the university actually sent a note out to everyone basically saying if you're sick, stay home. So, I obliged and took this final day to rest up and actually do some studying before my mid term examination this evening. Although, I must admit it is very difficult to get much studying done when the internet and television are so easily accessible. I've certainly watched enough tv in the last three days to last most good people a life time.

In MUCH more important news, my father has turned 73 years old today. Imagine that? 73 years on this blessed earth. I spoke to him a bit about it and he told me how he now lived longer than his father, his grand father and his oldest brother. I can't quite imagine that feeling, but at the rate he's living I imagine he will out last many others as well.

I know I sing his praises a lot, but he's totally worth it. The best dude I know. Most admirable and the most interesting. I pray that I get a fraction of the cool jeans err genes he has been given.

Here's to 73.

I'm off to study.

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