Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Threes

I'm sitting here drinking coffee out of a mason jar and eating "weight control" oatmeal because I couldn't find the "less sugar" version that I usually get. I don't think the "weight control" is actually less sugar, I think it is just a marketing scheme to get us fatties to buy it. Well, it worked.

I sang at this funeral yesterday in Berwyn for a lady that I did not know. But it was all rather strange for me as I was not able to attend Jane's funeral in Michigan and this funeral happened at the exact same hour for a woman who was the exact same age. It seemed oddly serendipitous, or as my father would say "divine providence."

Jessica has a Kindle. If I weren't a student who was required to read scholarly texts, I think that I would also like a Kindle.

I'm still dealing with a tooth ache. It has been nearly 5 weeks. In that five weeks I've been to the dentist as many times and have had a root canal. I can say that it is better than it was, but this morning I was awoken at 4am with terrible pain. I was visualizing myself strangling the dentist in an effort to lull myself back to sleep.

Have I told you that my communications instructor has a stutter? He often repeats things three times. It's ironic, but maybe apropos. I was thinking last night that I would embrace his repetition as a way in which I may be able to remember what he is saying... repetition of threes.

I'm getting a new computer here at work today. I will try and show it as it is quite redonk. It is a 24" iMac. One could take it home, hang it on their wall and watch movies with much satisfaction. It is bigger than my TV in my living room. I'm not complaining, but I find it quite humorous given the nature of my job.

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Hannah said...

i have a kindle, too! i love it. i thought i would be a traitor to paper and ink books, but i honestly feel good about it. i can take 100 books on a plane if i wish and don't have to endure shoulder pain or extra fees to do it.