Friday, April 17, 2009

This kind.

Dear Friends,

My frustration at this very moment has reached epic proportions. I say that hesitantly as I vowed not to use my blog as a forum for complaints, but I've just returned from the dentist's office and I can't remain silent about how simply terrible I feel about it all.

See, I had this cavity filled six weeks ago and ever since then I've been in pain. Not just "ouch, that hurts" pain, but "OMG I MIGHT DIE" pain. It also is wake me from my sleep at 4am every night/morning kinda pain and I just can't deal with it anymore. I had a root canal to try and fix the problem and well, that didn't work. Since then I've just been praying and taking pain pills and that doesn't seem to be helping either.

My trip to the dentist today just yielded more "wait and see." When mentioned extracting the tooth, I told him to go ahead. He thought I seemed too eager and told me that was a last resort. This is the second time in my life I've had a situation just like this, but last time I could point the finger more easily. This time it just seems to be blamed upon my body's inability to heal itself, or the tooth next to the tooth that was fixed being angry.

Actually, I snapped a picture of my X-Ray. Look at what a mess I am.

Have you ever seen anything like it? How about that impacted wisdom tooth. They say that isn't a problem... But for now, I just wait and see and try not to keep complaining.

This morning I attended the CAAP grant recipient breakfast, which was quite the scene. All Chicago artists who had applied for and received money from the city to make art. I couldn't help but sit there and think about how most of these folks really identify as artists and I feel like I just take pictures... and frankly, I don't do too much of that these days. It was good to be in that company and a reminder that I need to keep moving. I also found out that I will be able to get some feedback from the process as apparently there are notes taken based on what the panel said with regards to your application, so in June I will have a meeting and hear about those notes. Maybe in June I'll feel more like and artist.

Finally, this morning I awoke to a text message from CNN. I have signed up for these and found them extremely useful as they alert you only occasionally about significant events that take place. For instance, when the pirate rescue thing happened I got a text message. Anyway, my text message this morning (at 7am!) alerted me to the fact that Ashton Kutcher had reached 1 million Twitter followers, beating CNN in a contest. Really!? Really, CNN!? You're gonna use my text messages for information like that? I rolled my drowsy eyes and then went back to sleep.

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