Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I woke up this morning and saw upon my counter what appeared to be the holy trinity of prescription medications.

The light was hitting them just right and I couldn't help but be thankful that my morning doesn't normally look like this. So, needless to say I took the Vicodin and I have to say "not bad!" Honestly, my tooth was begging for it as the Ibuprofen was just not getting the job done anymore, so I gave in. I feel completely functional, although those around me might beg to differ.

My class last night was rather intense. There were only six of us in the class last week and two have dropped since then, but another two have joined, so we remain at six. Last night though, one person was gone, the two new folks hadn't done the reading, and one dude is just painfully shy. What was left? My big mouth, another girl who seemed to only be able to talk about how boring her life is and my professor who insists upon shouting out the names of authors followed by the statement "EVERYONE KNOWS HOW XXXXXXX IS, RIGHT? RIGHT? WHO DOESN'T KNOW XXXXXXX?" At which point, we all raise our hands. She then huffs and explains how XXXXXXX coined such and such theory yada yada yada. It's actually quite comical and takes me back to the scene in Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon is in the bar with that know it all Harvard kid. That being said, I quite enjoyed what almost seemed a one on one conversation with my professor. It was like we were out for a beer debating sociology, except, I don't really know anything about sociology.

This is Robin and me at Duck Walk the other night playing with the "pin hole" function on my camera.

Tonight is my only night off until Sunday.

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