Tuesday, April 21, 2009

to Tweet or to Blog

I'm a bit torn these days over Blogging and Twittering. I know that the mere mention of Twitter makes some of you groan and I totally get that, but the more I think about and use it the more I think it is has relevance for someone like me say, over blogging. Particularly since I typically blog silly anecdotes about my life. Most of the time I'm not compiling in depth stories that require much thought, so I wonder if the microblog is actually more worth the energy. I said to Mary that I think that my initial understanding of Twitter was that it was TMI, but maybe now I think it is JEI or just enough information. Maybe the traditional blog is where the TMI exists.


I keep bringing up the Internet in my Urban and Community analysis class, which makes my prof roll her eyes everytime as she isn't one to subscribe to e-trends. I think one can't understand modern community and networking without the Internet, but she argues that it is not the real thing... I mean, I agree, but it is an off shoot of the real thing.

I called my Mother and Father last night because I haven't been able to touch base with them lately. My mother went to the cardiologist yesterday and they are feeling rather good about her heart. It seems to be functioning normally, which is an answer to prayer. She seems generally good.

The funny thing is, if ever I call my parents and they are watching television they insist upon explaining to me what is happening on the show they are watching. This typically can last for the first five minutes of conversation. Last night it was all about Gun Smoke, which my parents watch religiously (since they seem to think it still 1964.) I have to eventually remind them that I am not there and cannot see the TV so I'd rather just talk and then they can go back to watching it.

My sister sent an email last night telling me that she had receieved word that she would probably lose her position as a music teacher next year. It seems the recession is hitting most everyone I know in one way or another. It's also terribly frustrating that the art teachers are the first to go.

Because NPR and I are friends on Facebook, I became aware this morning that they are streamig St. Vincent's new album. It is pretty great. I particularly like "Marrow." Seems like lots of indie ladies are putting new albums out recently.

Check it out: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103138882&sc=fb&cc=fp

Speaking of NPR, I was thinking how frustrating it is to be a donor to something and still have to listen to a pledge drive. I mean, I get it, but I've already donated. Isn't there a secret donors station where we don't have to listen to it all again?

I have to run to a mtng now, but remind to speak about foam rollers later.

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