Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh, Miracle of Miracles

I say this with the utmost of apprehension, but I think, just maybe, my tooth is getting better. I've taken significantly less pain medication this weekend and I'm feeling bits of relief. I don't want to say anymore for fear of jinxation, but !!!!

Friday, Tina and I saw Adventureland, which I quite enjoyed. I was honestly a bit bored at first but as the story picked up a bit and I got more into the groove of the film I really enjoyed it. It is good little piece of nostalgia. Further on the topic of movies, last night I was fortunate enough (thanks to Linsey's DVR) to be able to watch Grey Gardens. It was all I expected. Actually, that is not true because I remember upon first seeing the advertisement, releasing a loud groan at what I thought would be a flubbed up version of reality. I mean it seems silly to try to build on a documentary that we've seen and known, but the result was quite successful. The makeup and costumes were incredible as was the acting. It's rather tragic. If you have the chance to catch it on demand or on dvd, I say give it a go.

Most of the weekend was dedicated to homework with a brief stint singing at a benefit for the William Ferris Chorale. It was quite odd, taking place the in common room of a condo building, but it seemed the people enjoyed it. We also were rewarded with mini cheesecakes and free wine. I'll sing whatever you like if that is what I get afterwards.

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