Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oink Oink

Ok, I've been in bed for the past three days and before you even start to think it let me declare publicly that I do not have swine flu.

How do I know, you ask?

Well, I'm getting better and according to the 1 million news reports I've watched on swine flu in the last three days I would not be feeling better at this point and I would have quite a fever. I did have a fever Sunday and Monday but it has since broke and I'm feeling like a less functional fraction of my old self.

Seriously, being sick is the worst. I mean, I know that and when other people are sick I try to be empathetic, but I think you forget just how much it sucks to be stuck on your sofa for days at a time until it happens to you. It's one thing to have a cold, but another to not even be able to stay awake during a whole hour of the evening news. No eating, no coffee, none of the things that make me me.

Today has been a bit better. I was feeling crazy antsy so I made my way to Panera Bread to try and ingest some soup as I don't have any in my house. It's about six block walk... maybe 5 and I made it only to be reminded that I haven't actually spoken to anyone face to face in a while and I had to ask the girl behind the counter to speak a bit more slowly. Anyway, I ate my soup, stared off into space for a good 30 min, then came back home and went to bed.

Pooor me.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I am back amongst the living as I have a midterm exam to take in the evening. I wish this down time meant that I was accomplishing things, like studying.

I did discover this LOL while in my sick bed:

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LFo said...

Hahaha. ROFLOL. Great video!