Monday, March 30, 2009

The thing about me and blogging

The thing about me and blogging is that sometimes when actual things are happening in my life it is more challenging for me to muster the energy to write it on the internet. Typically when nothing of interest is taking place, well, that is when I seem to write about myself. The former is the case lately.

I've been in Michigan for the weekend, which seemed necessary given my mother's health scare. She seems quite well, btw. It was also my nieces birthday, so that was a nice event to be able participate in. And also, just trying to prep for this upcoming (actually, it is here) week where I embark on my nuttiness of two classes, work, music making, and then just life in general. I worry it is a bit much and I've been trying to mentally prepare, mainly by watching tv.

So, I got this new point and shoot digital camera. I've needed one as my old Casio is on its last leg. I mean honestly, the casing has almost completely separated from the camera. I often think it is some sort of miracle that is actually even works. So, I did a little research to find a camera that had sufficient photot AND video capabilities and I came up with this little guy:

The real reason I pushed to get it now is because I wanted to take some video of my parents in an effort to put together some sort of video presentation for their 50th wedding anniversary celebration which will take place in July. More on that and the video later, but overall I'm pleased with my purchase. These are a few moments from the weekend. Sorry they are so stylistically schizophrenic, but I was playin'.

I love this picture of my mom. Her eyes seem so sparkly.

My dad and I went for a bike ride. Quite a helmet, eh?

This is behind my parents house. They live in this weird subdivision now, but there is a corn field behind their house which I am frankly quite glad for.

My little miss sunshine, niece. She is now 12! I can't believe how much she has grown just since Christmas.

These are my nephews ingenious shoes. They oddly reminded me of the way I dealt with my old car (covered it in duct tape.)

They are all teenagers now. It totally freaks me out, but the kids are growing up and it is a reminder of the ways in which I am also older.

The cam is not so shabby for being just a lil guy. The quality of the videos I took is pretty stellar too. A pleasing purchase to go along with a pleasing weekend.

Tonight I attended my first class of the new quarter. It lasted for one hour. I think that wont be the case for future weeks, but it made tonight all the better.

Tomorrow I will head to the dentist first thing because I've been having terrible tooth pain for two weeks causing me to live on ibuprofen. Tooth pain is the worst, and don't I know it. I honestly can't even really type about this because I am so over the insane amount of dental issues I've had. It is truly unique. I hope to have it fixed tomorrow as my somtach can't take another day of those little brown tablettes.

I'm out for now. Maybe this will get me back rollin' with my regular overshare.


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