Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh, and real quick

In my attempt to use my blog as an unabashed source of embarrassment for both me and others, I found these pictures at home before my parents moved out of their house and I thought they would be humorous to share.

See, when I was 17 I won this scholarship that involved flying to Iowa and participating in the Donna Reed Foundation competition. (You'll see me in the back row of this photo)Part of the package was to get your picture taken by a professional photographer... and so I did. The funny part was that the dude insisted on putting a cowboy hat on me because he thought it was a good look for me. Being the pimply faced insecure recently chubby 17 year old that I was, I didn't object.

These are the results from the contact sheet:

Now if that doesn't scream classic cowboy, I don't quite know what does. Actually, I think I just hear the screams of discomfort. Either way, the results are brilliant.