Thursday, March 5, 2009

Means of Mobility

Oh, friends!

Here she is.

Isn't she simple and lovely?
I rode her to work today because it will be 50 something degrees. It felt so good, if not a sore reminder of how long it has been since I've ridden. There seriously is nothing like riding a bicycle and as a means of mobility, I feel once again more able to come and go as I please. Granted, this is enhanced by our improved weather conditions, but who cares about the formula as long as the result is as good as this one.

I have to say, that when putting the bicycle together I was wishing my father were here. My ability to do anything remotely mechanical is lacking. This may seem a twisted path, but moments like that remind me of mortality and how people wont always be here to help you so you must learn to do these things on your own... so I guess that is what I did. Making my way to the hardware store to buy a proper wrench. The funny end to that is that when I showed my father the wrench via skype, he told my I had purchased the wrong one. Well, it got the job done, so what can I say.

Today I was riding to work I noticed that the man holes along the sides of Fullerton Avenue are literally collapsing. I saw three different covers that were being sucked into the pavement, one leaving a hole so gaping that any person could accidentally fall into the sewer. This is how the streets in Chicago look after a long winter. Resembling a war zone, but this year seems worse than years past.

After receiving an email today from the Democratic party asking me to contribute slogans to go on a billboard speaking out against Rush Limbaugh, I would like to say that I think they are giving him exactly what he wants/needs. This attention is silly! I understand his influence and his listener base is huge, but that 'ol fat white drug addict needs to be ignored. That's all I have to say about that.

Off I go for nwo.

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