Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What to do?

Dear Friends,

I imagine you wont hear from me much this week as I have a paper of final proportions due on Monday and rather than spending time updating my blog, I'm attempting to commit any extra time to writing. Can I just say that it is so much more difficult to write a paper I would like to do a good job on rather than one I don't care much about. In this instance it is simply not enough to just put words on a page, but rather attempt to have them mean something. Eek.

Yesterday, another rainy day, I made my way up to the computer store to see if my data had been recovered from my bogus harddrive and placed on my new super sleek Seagate harddrive. The gentleman explained that they had transferred what was found and I could take a look on their harddrive to see what was recovered as they are not allowed to look at my data. I spent some time at his computer only to realize that none of my pictures or videos had been recovered. Only useless files that I didn't care much about. I explained this and was notified that I wouldn't need to pay for the entire services (which would have totaled $275) as the data was not in fact recovered. Mind you, I had already paid $50.

Here is where my moral dilemma begins.

Later in the evening I took the harddrive home which they had transferred the "less than" information to. Upon plugging it into my computer and doing a little searching, I realized that the information on this new external harddrive was not actually the information I viewed on the computer at the computer store and MUCH of my information was in fact on the harddrive. Not all of it, but much of it... so now what do I do? My inclination is to just be done with it and I've received confirmation from a few friends that I don't need to go back to the computer store and offer to pay. But, I can't help but feel a bit guilty. What do you all think?

My bicycle continues to be a source of pleasure. It has some new pedals, a new fender (so I don't get anymore mud on my butt) and a blinking red light so you crazies in your cars don't hit me. I really feel enabled now that I am able to ride again, although this morning's ride was cccccold.

Also, last night I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and I have to say it was about one of the most awesome things someone has ever asked me to do. Don't worry, I wont be donning a dress or carrying flowers, but I will be standing along side a wonderful friend on a very important day in her life and that seems just awesome.

I'm off to contemplate whether I'm a thief or not.

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LFo said...

I say call them, tell them there was more info recovered than you first thought, and ask if that means you owe them some money. It's likely they'll say no (cuz how are they going to collect), and you'll feel better.