Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slow on the Blog

I've meant to type each day for the past few days but it seems my mind needed some sort of break following completion of said final.

I've also just been in sort of a foul mood and rather lethargic.
Linsey suggested it is the barometric pressure, which is a possibility, but I think there is just a lot of annoying stuff sort of creeping up on me and I'm not necessarily handling it very well.

In an effort to lift the load off of my back, I made my way to the gym last night ... which, I would like reiterate ... I hate it. I hate going down the block, changing into my gym clothes, and mustering up the gumption to get moving. But, with that being said, it feels so good! It really changed my day around yesterday and I just want to serve as a testament that if you can't get yourself to workout or think it isn't worth it, it is. I am an example of someone who hates it, but needs it.

Right now I'm sipping some coffee from the office's Keurig maker, contemplating how almost all of my colleagues decided to be gone for one reason or another today. Maybe I didn't get the memo? I often think on days like today, is it better to be here when it is so terribly quiet or should I have jumped on the bandwagon and taken a day as well. But, here I am and somewhere they are.

Also, I think it worthy to put it out there on my blog that I'm contemplating a move within the city of Chicago. If my current life plans stay true to form, I am committed to this place for at least one more year and recently I've been feeling the overwhelming urge for a change of scenery. I don't know that this will actually happen, because truth be told I live in a wonderful apartment that most would deem a "sweat deal," but I can't help but think it might be time to find my next. I've been looking online, but I think that route my not prove that successful as scammers seem to have taken over craigslist, so maybe this weekend I'll have a few hours to ride my bicycle around and check out the scene. For some reason I keep thinking I would like to be near the lake for a year, but I imagine the desirability of those neighborhoods and my need to stay within budget will keep me from that idea... but it keeps popping up.

I have a William Ferris Chorale concert tomorrow night. It is all in Russian. One piece, sixty minutes, just voices and flute. I'm tired, just thinking about it.

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