Friday, March 6, 2009


It is an absolutely stunning day out. 63 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.
The bicycle ride to work was wonderful and we ate Vietnamese food for lunch.

I don't have much time to type as I'm about to run off to therapy.

I've just completed reading and article on Quakerism, which reminds me that I would love to go to a Quaker service. I think I could use that exercise in silence and I really admire their history of progressive social work in the US. I think there is a gathering in Chicago. I will try and check it out.

This weekend will mostly be rehearsal and homework, with a brief stint on the south side to celebrate Robin's birthday at Soul Vegetarian. I look forward to that highlight.

I've been listening to Serge Gainsbourg albums for three days straight. Still interesting.

Off I go.

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