Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freshly Shorn

Here I am.

I've been so occupied these past days that I haven't taken a moment to type, but now I will because ... well, because I can.

I had nothing but a productive weekend. Spending most of my time typing away on a paper, which I realized has made me less able when it comes to small talk. Rather than listing off the many things I've been doing, I'm really only able to speak in terms of the readings I've been doing or the papers I've been writing... which although *I* find interesting, its a little heavy in passing. Regardless, I've been keeping my head down and trying to get things done. Because I knew I was going to be dedicating a lot of this week to writing I also took Monday off in an effort to give myself some time to get the other life stuff done. I did some laundry, picked up the house, made food for the week, went to Target (what's a day off without a trip to Target?) and took some clothes to the drycleaners for alterations.

I have these jeans that are nice and I really like and just a little bit too tight. They fit, but let's just say I wouldn't choose to sit in them all day at work. My new years goal was to lose just a couple of pounds so that they would fit more comfortably. Soo, I've actually done that. Lost a couple of pounds and well, the jeans still are too tight around my belly. As a quick side note, this reminds me that I am my father's son because he would always wear his belt to the side because the buckle would cut into his stomach. I think I'm developing his same stomach. Anyway, I took the jeans to see if they button could be moved over just a bit because then they would fit perfectly. My Korean drycleaner looked at me after my request and just said no as the button was immovable. I inquired if there were any way to make the jeans bigger and she giggled as though I had eaten too many donuts and nodded her head no. Then! She proposed the brilliant idea in her sweet accent that she add another button so that I could have two. I affirmed her idea which excitement. Adjustable jeans! That rules!

All in all, taking the day off was the perfect preemptive strike on feeling run down. I feel generally good today. I'm also freshly shorn too, which always makes things pretty good.

My new bicycle should be delivered today.
To say I'm excited would be an understatement.
I fell even more in love with the idea when I found out it would 50 degrees later this week.
Spring cometh, and boy should it ever after this hellasnowy weekend we just endured.
I think this was our last snow for the year, or so I'm hoping.

Ok, I need to get some stuff done.

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