Sunday, March 8, 2009

Riddle me this

Today my parents attempted to Skype with me, but when the connection was made, rather than seeing their smiling face I saw this:

Now, we reconnected multiple times and this is what I see each time. My parents aren't what I would consider especially able when it comes to this technical, so they very well could have pushed some button that triggered "night time European Skype scene," but I can't quite imagine how. It sure made me laugh though as my mom uttered "Well, Maybe we're in PARIS?"


It's been a good if not slightly strange weekend. It rained both Saturday and today, most all day long. This can put most anyone in a funk, given that the rain is cold, the winds swift, and the skies grey. I've been doing my best to combat it by staying active, but tonight I'm feeling like I didn't make the best use of all my weekend. I did have a lovely Lunch/Dinner yesterday for Robin's birthday. Great food and wonderful company.

You know, I turned on the TV yesterday evening for a bit and found some old tapes of Otis Redding being played on PBS, which I totally support. That kind of historic video is totally valuable to watch. Today on the other hand, right now, is freaking "James Gallway and The Priests" which is honestly typically weird made for pbs music programming. Often this will include Yanni or some other producer of Muzak and to this I say "no!" and "make it stop!" Who likes this stuff?

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