Friday, May 15, 2009


Friday. Myday.

Scattered seems the best descriptor for how I'm rollin' today. Usually when I get like this I try to make a list and start checking things off, but one list later I can't seem to make myself get through any of the items. For now, I'll just blog it out.

First off, let me say that this little Lumix I purchased takes pretty lousy pictures in low light, so I'm bummed about my documentation of last night's dinner.

Blackbird was some sort of dream. It definitely ranks up there with the top meals of my life. It was actually a little much when our entrees arrived, Interpol was playing, and we took our first bites. I don't mean to be over the top, but it was a pretty special experience as I tasted my butternut squash polenta. Those are moments you don't forget. The whole table seemed to agree. The problem with eating that well is that it sets a new standard in your life. I typically prefer to keep low standards because then one has less room for dissapointment, but now my best meal standard is like, whoa.

After our meal, the waiter brought us these lovely dessert wines that our friend Taylor had called in and ordered from Baton Rouge! These southerners sure know how to do it right. We were all kinds of shocked.

Yea, so again, Happy Birthday to Tina. I'm glad to have an excuse to participate in such wonderful eating!

You know, overall, this week has been rather anxiety inducing. I've been trying to play it off like it hasn't, but it has. I'm thinking I can't shake it today. I'm hoping to take the weekend to get past it.

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