Monday, May 11, 2009

In the name of MOM

They Came.
We Saw.
She conquered.

On Friday, before the William Ferris Chorale concert I met up with my father and mother who came in for the weekend. My father actually had to leave a bit early because of obligations on Sunday morning, but my mother stayed through Sunday with me.

It was really a lovely time, although I find myself especially tired today. I guess the ole folks can wear a guy out?

Here are a few snaps from the weekend.

My mother wanted to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, so we did that on Saturday and also happened upon the Lincoln Park conservatory which I have never ventured into before. It was pleasantly surprising.

Saturday evening we took in a movie and sipped tea. Then Sunday we went to church and had a lovely brunch at Treat with Christina who was so kind to help me keep my mother entertained. After brunch I had to teach a voice lesson and then we made our way downtown to Amtrak where she then headed home.

Overall, things like taking a taxi and riding a train are kind of a big deal to my mother as she hasn't done that much in her life, so I was proud of how she handled it all and I think it proved a little something to her as well.

It was the perfect mother's day, actually. She is an incredibly special woman.

But now, I have to dig in because there is so much to do that I put off in the name of mom.

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