Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NashVegas, Baby!

Soooo, Nashville was awesome. Seriously, one of the best big small cities I've been to in quite sometime. The landscape is lush, the people are perfectly slow and the gathering we partook in made anything I wouldn't have enjoyed fade right away.

Friday morning I got up at the butt crack-o-dawn and made my way out to midway airport only to realize everyone else was going away on the Friday before Memorail Day. Duh. But it ended up being just fine as I made my way to the plane in time and to Nashville by 9am to be greeted by my dearest soon to be wed Adrianne. We spent the day trying to wrangle others who were making their way into the city eventually landing back at home base so that everyone could just come to them. The evening involved our friend Sara and her boyfriend large procuring a LIMO from some guy they met at the gran ole opry. This may be surprising in some circles, but in any circle that knows Sara, this will not come as a shock. The night went forth with much fun and dueling pianos! The next day we made our way to a park in the woods outside of Nashville for a giant picnic that included most guests of the wedding. I witnessed Adrianne's 85 yr old grandmother play softball (1st base!) and generally a great time had by all. Sunday, Mary and I got up to make a TJMaxx run only to find out that pretty much all of the suburb we were staying in also enjoyed going to the Maxx on Sunday mornings when the store opens. Who knew? We then took our time getting ready and headed to have our pictures taken for the wedding then participate in the ceremony.

It was lovely. Really. All around a thoughful ceremony with great people and wonderful details. I was honored to participate and thankful for the time spent with some people from my past.

I have a bit of visual evidence.

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