Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Working Relationship

I just got mah hurr did at the local burbur.
I guess I haven't established that I now have a working relationship with my barber? In that, I'm satisfied with the barber and he gives me the same haircut over and over and that is the best for both of us. Mary seemed to be somewhat shocked by this, but I thought it was common knowledge now?

It just occurred to me how funny his name.

Wait for it...


Yes, Zoran. He is Serbian (*nudges Milan*) and he gives a terrific haircut, in that he can give the same old style barbershop haircut in his sleep. I swear he doesn't pay a lick of attention while he chops away, but as far as I'm concerned it always comes out good.

But the reason I even bring him up is that we were discussing thanksgiving, which led to discussing food, which led to him talking about Serbian food which made me bring up my new crush... you know, the restaurant I was gushing about.

I was all "I just went to this amazing Lebanese restaurant on Saturday." and he was all "Semiramis." and then I'm like "OMG. How did you know that?" and the he was like (in Serbian accent) "It is the closest thing to real Lebanese food you can get."

And then I sighed.

Things are slow.
I'm so ready to get outta town.
One rehearsal, one half day of work, a train ride to Indiana, a care ride to Michigan and then it's time for a break!

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