Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best Friends Forever

I just made my way into work because I spent the morning with at&t. We're practically bffs now. I called Mark this morning and told him things still weren't working and another repair man had come to my house and it was the same story. Mark asked me if I knew what this experience was and I told him "hell" and he said no, it was " at&t torture, which got Mary thinking that maybe one of the t's in at&t actually stands for torture? I think I shall propose that for their next marketing campaign.

While waiting around this morning I did some morning talk show watching and I caught a few minutes of The View where they were discussing Thanksgiving day preparations. This got me thinking about Thanksgiving's quick arrival and as I made my way to the bus stop in the snow, I actually felt excited about the quickly approaching holidays. I don't particularly care for the way in which this season seems to come more quickly each year, but the truth of the matter is that it serves as a fantastic excuse to spend time with people I care about and to that I look forward.

I watched the movie Control last night as I am now the proud recipient of netflix. This is a really stunning film, all in black and white and telling the story of Joy Division. The plot is predictable (as it is a story you've probably already heard) but the cinemtography was just gorgeous leaving so many film stills possible. I recommend it if you have the chance.

I read in the RedEye this morning that travel costs are expected to be at quite a low as globally financial times are rough. Apparently many hotels/resorts etc. have been building and now they have excess capacity yet fewer travelers to fill the space. This furthered my itch to get on the move. I've been sitting still now since Septemeber and I feel like travel is calling me. It might have to wait until after the first of the year.

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