Friday, November 21, 2008

Still no Internet and Why people steal from me

Still no internet. I received a phone call from my new friend Mark in San Diego yesterday that went something like this.

"Davin, It's Mark from at&t and well I need you to give us one more day. I spoke with (name of manager) in our central office and he is understaffed and we can't get through to someone who is able to complete what we need them to, so just give us one more day and then if you don't have internet by tomorrow night I understand if you don't want service with us, but just give us one more day."

The thing is, I'm this far into the experience that I have to see it through, ya know? It gives me some sort of sick satisfaction to have this gentleman do a little bit of begging, but that still does not turn my internet on. But! at this point, I'll wait. It has been 18 days, so...

Last night I went over to a local speak easy style bar that has opened not so long ago called The Whistler. I was meeting up with my friend Abby to do some catching up after too long of not seeing each other. We get there and it is a bit crowded so we saddle up to a ledge along the wall only to discover there are coat hooks underneath where we decide to hang our coats. A few minutes later a couple spots open up at the bar, so we decide to get more comfortable and enjoy conversation. Abby takes her coat with her to the bar, I leave mine on the hook. Fast forward a couple hours, a couple drinks, and piles of good conversation later to me pushing my way through the hipsters the coat hook to pick up my coat and my new scarf I had just purchased on Tuesday. I find my coat, but no scarf. The scarf was gone and I remembered that I hadn't actually tucked the scarf in the coat but rather hung it on the hook with the coat, easily accessible to hipster petty thieves.

The second thing I do is check the pocket for my iphone and thankfully it was there... but mother of pearl! Where is my scarf!?

But see, this is like standard fair for me. People take my things. They just do! And, I can't seem to catch much of a break with regards to this sort of thing... sure I could have tucked the scarf in the coat, but must I always be on guard? I suppose so, but as you remember, even in the midst of locking up my bicycle that too was stolen, for the second time...

Then to add insult to injury, take a look at this post on Sartorialist today.

On the Street....Scarf Homme, Milan & Paris

Whatever, Milan and Paris!

I had a late night discussion with Mary about my stolen goods and we tried to decide if I was still being taught some lesson? Because, in all seriousness, everything has been stolen from me at one time or another... except possibly my home? She asked me if my shoes has been taken and I recalled the story of being a boy at Michigan's Adventure and having my new Reebok pumps stolen while I was in the water park. I was held in the park because I was not able to exit without shoes on. A sign of things to come?

I write this not to complain, but rather to inquire - Why?

On a lighter note, how do we feel about the new gmail themes? I've chosen "Tree."

I'm relying on the sun today because it was 19 degrees when I woke up.

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