Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I don't know how one even writes about a night like last night. It was really a defining moment in American History, but in my life.

I left rehearsal at 9:30 and ran to the train to head downtown with Ryan. When we got off at the Harrison redline stop, we began to run toward the park as it was nearly 10pm. I got three text messages saying "He Won!!" and at the same time the streets erupted. Literally. People began running almost aimlessly, jumping up and down, high fiving, hugging and cheering. I've never seen anything quite like it.

Not wanting to miss a thing we sprinted toward Grant Park to make our way with the masses toward the jumbotron, just trying to get some idea of it. We pushed our way in and made our way pass security and slid as deep into the crowd as was possible. This was just a few moments before John McCain gave his incredibly gracious concession speech, which actually gave me a glimpse of the man people had said that he was or used to be. After the fact, I think I finally had some insight.

We then waited for a bit before President Obama came to the stage and spoke what was an incredibly somber, yet moving speech. You could see tears in so many people's eyes and the visual of it all just seemed like something I couldn't have imagined, if only for the sheer magnitude and diversity of the crowd, all collectively feeling like we had a say in making this happen. We were a part of it, for real this time.

When all was said and done, we just sort of lingered.
I don't know what else there was to wait for, but it felt like we needed to take it in as much as we could. When we finally made our way out to the streets they were filled with people and celebration.

And then we all (in an AMAZINGLY orderly fashion) made our way down the streets to head home... all the while chanting and celebrating.

It was incredible.
I feel so tired today. Emotionally and physically exhausted and I have to make it through this day of work and night of class.

Umm, Yes I Can?

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