Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why blog?

You know, if a blogs stop being posted regularly they die and I fear that mine is near death. All those I've resuscitated it a few times before so I shouldn't assume it has stopped breathing just yet but when ever I get a bit removed from it I think to myself "well, why in the world does anyone care what I did this weekend?" But, then I think how lame it is when people write about how they haven't blogged and blah blah... and to that I say BORING. So, I think it better to be directly boring than boring about being boring, you know what I'm saying?


The truth of the matter is, I had a fairly eventful weekend with Robin and I taking a quick as the wind trip to Michigan for an "Alumni Benefit Concert" at Otsego High School. Let's just say this experience was "something else" as I think it not the smartest of me to write some opinions publicly. Regardless, it was good to see my folks for a short bit, especially as they settle in their new home and I always have a giggling good time with Robin... so that was a treat. As quickly as we left on Friday evening after work, we returned on Saturday evening after the concert as both of us are obligated on Sunday mornings.

Sunday afternoon I spent some time writing a paper for a my class and contemplated why I subject myself to such painful circumstances. I mean, I value education... or one could say that I even live to be educated, but I find this class situation to be something I'm not crazy about. But regardless, I try to make smart decisions and finish my work and yada yada... and then reward myself with a trip to the movies. That evening, Ryan and I went to see the James Bond flick and I have to say that it rocked my world. I think I could have watched another two hours of it. It really was stylish and terrific and although the opening sequence seemed like a ripoff the Sebastian Tellier record cover, I was all over it.


I originally began to compose this post at 10am. It has sense been interrupted by a staff meeting, lunch and 80 minutes on the phone with the deterioration of my very will to exist: at&t. My current situation with trying to get dry loop internet setup with at&t is a textbook case of davin "luck." It can be traced to such situations as "the never ending car troubles of Davin's Plymouth Breeze" or "Davin's apartment being robbed" or "The ceiling caving in while Davin lives with Linsey" or most recently "Davin's bike gets taken while locked up at his place of work." It is the way in which my life goes and I just deal, but I can't say I don't do so begrudglingly.

I don't know that I will ever have internet at home again. The beaurocracy and their inability to get through the red tape and get my problem fixed seems bigger than something I could master and my hope or will is deflating. So, now, with a phone warmed ear I leave it in the hands of my latest "help desk friend" Mark. Please, Mark. If you read this blog, make it happen! Honestly! Help me! Please! Don't give me another number to call, don't put me on hold, don't tell me you'll call me and then don't, just don't! Ok!? Just fix it.

This is all I can muster today.

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RobinAgne said...

OH no no no, my favorite case of davin "luck" is still the sequence of events with your elbow.. the breaking of, the acquiring of the staph, then the realization that your staph infection was the anti0biotic resistent kind followed by self-IVing at home over the holidays. UGH!