Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That would happen to you

It is incredible to me how my allergies become bothersome at the same time each calendar year. I know this to be true, but it always amazes me that something happens with the flowers and the trees and just general nature that they would become so bothersome every year about a week or two before labor day. Anyway, today is the day and I have taken my first generic Claritin pill which I'm sure I will have to take every day for the next three weeks or so. Maybe four.

Did I tell you all about the cup of water that came out of the sky and hit me in the head? I don't believe I did.

Monday I was standing across the street from my place of employment, waiting for the bus and reading an article about denim I had printed off the Internet. All of the sudden I felt a thud on my head and a cold wet substance all over my head and my shoulder. I immediately swore and looked down to see a small McDonalds cup rolling on the ground. I was accompanied at the bus stop by about 5 other people, not a one who had any sort of reaction to this happening, so huffed and puffed in an effort to get some sort of reaction or indication of how in the world I just had water dumped on my head. The strangest part of all of this is that there was no window above me or any place from which someone could drop a glass of water for that matter. It literally came out of the sky and no one seemed to care! Until I began to get on the bus and an older woman looked at me and said "Where did that come from?" I looked at her thankfully for at least acknowledging that this bizarre event had happened and replied "I have absolutely no idea."

I told my coworkers this story and their response was "That would totally happen to you."

I think the funniest part is that no one reacted. My parents told me they heard a story of a woman getting running over by a bus in Brooklyn and 30 people appearing and lifting the bus off of her... and I can't even get some attention when a magical cup appears out of the sky and dumps water on my head. Ok, I realize those aren't equitable but you get what I'm saying.

Ok, I must get my day rolling. Please watch out for flying cups of water... or maybe that is just advice for me.


MC said...

Thank god it was water and not something else.

Of course that would happen to you.

Robin said...

i can't agree more. Only You.