Friday, August 29, 2008

Something different

So, it was all I had imagined. Really, I watched the television totally caught up in the hype and contually feeling the "Extreme Makeover" effect in its entirety. But you know what? I think it is more than that. I think that this is different. Bigger than emotions, and more a significant event in American history that I am so thankful to have been able to bare witness to.

I guess that is the thing about post modernism... we are so aware of our past that we are overly willing to label our present with references to the past... but seriously, this man stands for something and I don't know that people have felt that in a good long time.

I don't believe Barack is our savior and I certainly understand that he will disappoint and there will be things I simply don't agree on with him, but when was the last time a political leader stood before you (us) and said that? It's a wisdom that I respect and I am so thankful that it has a platform currently in our American political system.

I am getting ready to go head on into a killer of a day, but I'm feeling charged up and good. Sometimes I think about the ways in which I wake up and some days it feels so good to just think about possibilities and things to accomplish and then other days I simply would prefer to stay in bed. Today I am excited. Partially because when I have completed all my work for the day I shall be hopping on a bus and then a train and then a plane into the unknown of Oregon. I've never been, so I'm excited to get to enjoy the northwestern part of our country for a few days. I'm headed there for a wedding, and frankly, I know it is going to be a blast.

So, off I go! Pictures will ensue...

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