Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm having some stomach issues this morning, mainly that I feel hungry but am not? Or like, hunger pangs that are not hunger pangs but rather some sort of indigestion or something. I don't quite know how to explain it and don't know why it is happening. I did have a late night bit of food my dear friend Lydia and her beau who are traveling the states a bit before they head back to Germany. It was a lovely dinner and a glass of wine at Ping Pong in the midst of Chicago street festival chaos.

As I was riding my bicycle home from dinner (I finally got it out of the shop!), I was thinking how it is becoming increasingly easier for me to just stay in as the summer goes on. I guess I'm running out of steam a bit because I was watching the revelers out on this cool and calm Sunday evening and I was thinking how I'm just not up for that right now. During the beginning of summer I was feeling quite ready and willing to do anything, saying yes at almost any invite, but now I feel more inclined to just stay in and watch the Olympics.

Speaking of which, the opening ceremonies were quite incredible. Actually, they were unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it. So many people working together in tandem and in near perfection. I also felt struck by the lack of "star" power from the ceremonies but rather so many working en mass to make beautiful pictures. Maybe this is indicative of culture, but I know that any ceremony in the states would involve more "big names". As I watched the ceremonies with Jessica, my favorite moment was when she asked (in reference to Chicago's Olympic bid and the possibility of hosting our own opening ceremonies) "What do we have?? Kanye??" Ha! Yes, Kanye indeed.

I worked hard this weekend as well putting together a photo portfolio of sorts.

I made the envelope by hand, which took a number of tests and mistakes to get right, but I am happy with the outcome and glad to keep getting opportunities to get my stuff out there.

Ugh! My stomach.

I'm gone for now. I'm missing some folks today. It seems I am not doing the best job of communicating lately, despite my iPhone.

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