Wednesday, August 27, 2008



So why was last night the first time that Hillary ever looked truly presidential? Don't get me wrong, I have some mad respect for that woman, but it wasn't until her speech last night that I actually understood the ways in which she would be a great president. She looked and sounded like the real deal.

That being said, even though she has progressive ideas relative to our current administration, she still comes off as old politics to me. Maybe that is what makes her good... she knows how to play the political game, but I feel tired of it.

Completely unrelated, can someone explain to me what Tumblr is? I don't get it and it makes me feel old to say that.

Speaking of feeling old, I found this post on the NY Magazine Blog to be pretty awesome and relatable.

And speaking of feeling older, this site is a funny little piece of oversharing/narcissism/need for approval (which we all know I am all about), but I guess there is a maximum age of 19 in order to participate.

I'm 27. This is seem older and older by the second.

I am half way through a terribly busy week that will end in travels so I'm off to get kickin' it.


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