Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Perfectly happy staying in...

The truth of the matter is, not much is happening right now because my nights are consumed with the Olympics. I think it silly when I am alone and watching and feeling emotional about sports like gymnastics or swimming, but I feel some sort of validation when I come to work the next day and everyone is professing the same sentiment. I don't specifically know what it is about the Olympics, but it just gets me. I mean, the broadcasters have it down to a science, exactly what to say to pull at the heart strings of the likes of me, but you'd think I'd be smarter than that... but of course I'm not. I call it the "Extreme Home Makeover" effect, and I'm a sucker for it.

Gimme, gimme more.

I'm headed to Michigan this weekend to help the parents with a bit more packing. They keep telling me they have completed more and more, but I need to see it in person to get any sort of peace in the idea that they will get their house packed in time to move out. I know they will, but it is weird to not be there and see and help, so I'm glad to be able to make a final trip.

I also realized today that I am closing in on my wedding trip to Portland at the end of the month. Where has August gone?

I can't type right now. I'm feeling antsy.

Oh! I almost forgot, my boss brought this in the other day and told me Ashton is trying to be me...

Step off, Ashton... or else.

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