Monday, August 25, 2008

Deceptive Beast

The thing about summer in Chicago is that it is a deceptive beast. By this time of the year you start to believe that Chicago is always like this, with especially social friends, lovely weather, and fewer commitments. And then it gets to be the end of August and the beast causes me to articulate things like "Oh, I'm ready for fall to get back into the swing of things." but see, that is simply not true. Although I am led to believe I am ready to get back amidst "normal life" it will only be a short time before I'm bemoaning how busy I am and how cold it is outside.

This weekend was no exception. Fun filled Chicago adventures and some good time just relaxing and recuperating before I embark upon a busy week.

The highlight took place on Friday evening with the annual commencement of "Glamorama". Macy's yearly fashion show/concert that benefits the Art Institute. I get to go to this each year because, well I'm a free loader and Linsey always has the hookup... so, lucky me! This year was actually one of the more fun years I have attended. 80's themed (yes, tired, but fun) with performances by MC Hammer and Cyndi Lauper. I gotta tell ya, Hammer still has it! He blew my mind with all of his standard hits. Cyndi was fun, but I'm not convinced she was actually singing. She looked chic though and danced like a 25 year old. I don't have any photographic evidence of these performances because my camera got confiscated. Now mind you, everyone else I was with had a camera that somehow managed to make it past security, but not me... I'm too big and too obvious so they took it away. Lucky for you, I have some pictures from before hand and at the part afterwards.

Saturday I went to the Holstein pool twice! First with Ryan and then with Tim (who is spending sometime in Chicago from one of his many other locations). The first adventure was more my speed with diving and splashing around etc, but the second involved swimming laps and I was pretty much over that after the second lap... so I just sat and watched. :D

During that evening, Tim, Abby and I enjoyed some nice new eats a Urban Belly, which is a delish new restaurant in an odd location. Then had a few drinks and chatted, only to end the night was dancing, dancing, dancing. A perfect summer Saturday evening.

Sunday morning I sang at Church and then took my bicycle to Stanley's to get some fresh produce and make some food for the rest of the week. I am headed to Portland this Friday for my friend Eddie's wedding so I want to conserve funds for the rest of the week. I came up with a delish pasta salad that uses flax pasta, broccoli, green pepper, mozzarella cheese, almonds, corn (from the cob), and raspberries. Top it all off with a little basil infused olive oil and some red wine vinegar and YUM. Delish.

Ok, but now I embark on a silly busy week so I sign off.

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