Thursday, December 4, 2008

I don't get it

Wow, Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm already.

I've completed my first grant application. It is for a City of Chicago Arts Partnership grant and it is to fund portfolio development. The grant is for "new and emerging" artists, so hopefully I fall into that category on some level and they'll give me the money I've asked for. It was an extensive application and I worry I didn't handle it with enough care as I realized it was due at the last minute, but having completed this makes me realize I need to be doing more of these things as $ is available to me and I need to take advantage of that.

This morning was a killer as far as cold goes. Something like 13 degrees Fahrenheit as I walked to the bus, and it sure felt colder. Winter is here and I already feel a bit ready for some warmth... a beach or a warm field or something.

I've been tirelessly thinking of games that would be entertaining for my office Christmas party which will be happening tomorrow. Ok, maybe tirelessly is a bit of an exaggeration, but I've been trying hard to come up with something out of the ordinary, entertaining, maybe slightly embarrassing and able to be played at a table in an Italian restaurant after a glass of wine... oh and with coworkers. This idea for a game is not mine though, it is the Dean's. He believes we need some sort of activity and so I took on the responsibility in an effort to spice things up from the usual, but I'm reminded that the unusual is sometimes hard to think up. I'll let you know if my chosen ideas succeed, but I'm too embarrassed to put them out there now.

Otherwise, I'm spending this week in music. Rehearsals and teaching and intermittent online christmas shopping. Speaking of which, this is my nieces christmas list:

A blue butterfly chair that is very squishy
The High School Musical 3 sound track
The High School Musical 3 DVD

You know, when I was home and we were playing the wii (me, (err mii) for the first time) we played the High School Music Karaoke game. Yea, that exists, and my nieces and nephews know every word to every tune and all I could think was how High School Musical is a direct help in understanding how old I actually am now as I can say with assurance "I don't get it."

On Tuesday, Robin and I had the best soup in the city of Chicago at the Soup Box. It honestly is the best. I want some right now.


LFo said...

Soup Box rocks!

MC said...

Wouldn't a blue butterfly chair that is very squishy in a warm field just really do the trick?