Monday, December 1, 2008

Digital Love

The highlights!

It is snow central here in Chicago. The first of the year, and although I find it to be a bit discouraging given the fact that a bad winter is being forecast, I think this first snow is pretty pretty. I quite enjoyed making my way through it to the bus this morning, but not standing and waiting for the bus in it.

Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, which I think has a lot of really amazing implications. I can't help but be excited for the next (8!) years.

I am wearing this amazing sweater that mother pulled out of a closet while I was home. It was my grandfather's. He received it when he graduated from High School in 1924! It is wool, navy blue, and has an incredible shawl collar which buttons shut. I am pretty crazy about it and can't believe it fits so well.

I had a wonderful time at home, with a big ole Thanksgiving dinner that I'm still full from and some time with the parents helping with errands and such.

I took/made this video while I was home.

I am also in this book that is coming out, umm, today I think!

Lines and Shapes Connect Us

If you don't hear much from me for the next while there may be a couple reasons. One is that I have a ton-o-performances coming up. Three this weekend with the William Ferris Chorale and then some other various holiday shtuff. Tis the season! But, the other reason may be because I have a NEW TV. It is amazing and life changing. 22" of digital beauty. Perfect for me. Now even without cable I get about 50 more channels of high definition love and it is addictive I tell you. Who knew that PBS had so many channels? I imagine it will consume me...

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LFo said...

This is hilarious. Your dad's face is great!