Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Second Hand News

I'm wearing my sneakers at work today. I don't mean vans or something potentially work appropriate, I mean my Nike running shoes which I bought in college when I attempted to become sporty. The reason I'm wearing them is because I'm attempting to be sporty again, or at least somewhat fit and I made my way to the gym this morning to meet my coworker for a before work run. I forgot my work shoes, so I'm stuck with the Nikes. See, if you've read this blog in the past, you know this cycle I go through where I get on a kick and I get inspired and I do a pretty decent job of sticking with something like say, working out, and then something happens where it all just stops. I'm hoping to break that cycle? Maybe? Part of my plan is to keep with this support unit that is my coworker. She is a motivated person. She encourages and is positive and doesn't seem to have the same negative antiworkout voices in her head that I do, so, I'm trying to remain accountable to her. She is at the gym every morning before work and I figure at least I can do three days of the week. The thing is, I feel so good when I do it. That's what I have to remind myself, because the getting there process feels so bad.


After my little rant yesterday about what a sad sap I am, I went to therapy and did some more hashing out. Sometimes I wish I could blog about therapy, but that's probably not a good idea for anyone. I do feel very strongly about going to therapy though. I believe I need it in my life because it is important to have someone in that position tell me what's up. What I mean by that position is someone who doesn't love me, but that I still respect. Does this make sense? Of course advice from friends and family has gotten me through many a rotten situation but there is something about having that person who isn't intertwined in you and is able to say "Do you know you do this?"

I'm listening Fleetwood Mac and it is so good.

I have more to say, but I must run to a meeting.

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